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The Woman behind the Bubbles...

Deanna Caprini Fusch is the Founder/CEO and the "woman who wears all the hats" owner of Tons of Bubbles Laundromat,Inc. since its origination in 2004. When she tells people that she is an owner of laundromats they go, really!? YOU? It is kind of funny considering her least favorite domesticated duty is doing laundry :).  Nevertheless, she has an un-explained love for her laundromats.

On November 21, 2004 (her 22nd birthday) Deanna gave birth to Tons of Bubbles Laundromat, Inc.  She was a wise 22 year old girl who had big goals and dreams for herself one day. Her first location was 1498 Fulton Street in San Francisco. By 2006 Deanna had acquired two additional Bubble locations, which she is still currently operating.  In November 2012, she gladly opened her first card-store (and fourth laundromat) located at 210 College Ave in SF. In 2017 she opened her 5th store in San Francisco's adorable hood of Cole Valley. 

The Tons of Bubbles atmosphere is a true depiction of the personality and child-like side that Deanna has within her.  She loves to have fun, be silly and sometimes act like a kid, however she never loses sight of the business at hand.  She visits the laundromats daily to make sure things are in order and to do her "owner" duties. She enjoys people and meeting new customers each day.

Deanna is a proud native of the San Francisco Bay Area. She currently resides in Orinda with her amazing husband, Kevin, and her mini-me, daughter Giulianna. She attended San Jose State University where she majored in Psychology.  Deanna also holds a RP designation from the College of Financial Planning. When she's not sharing giggles or being a big kid with her daughter, or tending to her stores, Deanna is passionate about staying fit and healthy by Circuit training, Running, Pilates, cycling, really anything that keeps her moving! When she has a moment to chill, she loves a great movie and some "quiet time" :)

If you ever see her, sometimes she may not be recognizable depending if you caught her all "dolled-up" or when she's "in her comfys". If you are unsure a good way to know is, if you see her collecting, its HER!!! So, please say hello!


'Goals are dreams with deadlines"