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Pacifica location 

Our Pacifica store offers the biggest washing machines. Please see the list below:

Big Papa- our biggest washer in our fleet! Holds 100#'s of laundry (10 loads)-

Biggest in the area!

Big Mama-doesn't disappoint at 80#'s

( 8 loads)

-60#- 6 loads

-40# -4 loads

-30#-3 loads

-20#-2 loads

All machines take 24mins to complete.


They all require only 1 serving of soap. Big Papa can go up in wash time if you choose heavier soils ( you get more washes)
Pay with any major credit card, Fascard app or coin

Dryers come in standard sizes and larger

San Francisco Locations

We are proud to give you two locations in SF. See our equipment below for washers:

Russian Hill (Filbert St)

-60#-6 loads (biggest in the area)

-50#-5 loads

-30#-3 loads

-20#-2 loads

Cole Valley (Cole St.)

-60#-6 loads

-50#- 5 loads

-30#-3 loads

-20#- 2 loads

Only ONE serving of Soap


All machines take 24 mins to complete, unless you choose heavy soil which gives more washes.

All take credit card (Cole), app, or coin

Dryers come in standard size only

Downtown Walnut Creek

Walnut Creek offers the largest quantity of Mega Washers in our chain. Check out this impressive list:


-80#-8 loads (3)

-60#-6 loads (4)

-40#-4 loads (2)

-30#-3 loads (5)

-20#-2 loads (5)

**Extended Wash feature**

Add extended wash for an additional 5mins of wash time


All washers take 24 mins


Only ONE serving of soap

Credit Card, Fascard app (please download) or coin for payments

Dryers come in standard and Mega size

**washer beads are NOT allowed at any location**

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