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The TOB Locations


998 Filbert St.
Russian Hill
San Francisco

The oldest, and littlest Bubbles

TOB-Filbert was established in Sept 2005.  It has been a staple in this quaint community of Russian Hill for 17 years!  Our "famous" store which has been featured on The Bachelor, the backdrop to many photographers, and awarded the love by Yelp every single year.

With 12 washers and 10 dryers we pack a whole lot in a little space. The community loves us and we love them more.

Payment Options: PayRange App, Quarters only

NOTE: this location does NOT have a changer. Please bring in quarters. Pay Range app is only for US and Canadian currency

Complimentary Tide pods and dryer balls available.


440 Manor Plaza

The store with the Biggest washers

TOB-Pacifica was established in 2006. It's one block from the Pacific Ocean, located in a plaza and holds the biggest washers in our chain of stores. Got 10 loads of laundry? Well, we got Big Papa who can hold it ALL and get it done in 24mins.

People travel along the coast and Peninsula to TOB- Pacifica for our large washers. 

Payment Options: Swipe any major Credit Card, Tap, Apple/Android Pay, Download our app-Fascard or use Quarters.

NOTE: This location does NOT have a changer on site. Please bring quarters in for cash payment

Complimentary Tide pods and dryer balls available 

Cole dryers.JPG

1101 Cole St.
Cole Valley
San Francisco

TOB Cole was established in April 2016. Not sure if  a neighborhood is cuter than Cole Valley. The only laundromat serving this area and a beloved staple, TOB-Cole sits perfectly on the corner of Cole and Grattan surrounded by it all.

Payment options: any major credit card, tap, Apple/Android Pay, Quarters 


NOTE: This location does NOT have a changer. Please bring in quarters for cash payment.

Complimentary Tide pods and dryer balls available.

TOB WC Balloons.jpg

1350 Mt. Diablo Blvd

Walnut Creek

Downtown and in the center of it all

TOB Walnut Creek was built from the ground up in 2021. After a year long process, it served the community on Dec 2, 2021 with a bang!

 Location, Location, Location is what sets this store apart. In the heart of Downtown WC and across from Nordstrom. This location is home to the highest number of large capacity washers in our fleet, mega dryers, an abundance of payment options, and an ambiance that will make you swoon. This is the spot you will never want to leave.

Our largest store to date.

Come to "The Creek" to get those dirties done.

Payment Options: Credit Card, Tap, Apple/Android Pay, Fascard App, or Quarters

RIP to our past Bubbles
1498 Fulton St. SF - 2004-2007
210 College Ave. SF - 2010-2019

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