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What you need to know before you go

***Go to the LOCATIONS tab to read about each location for payment options***

Being KIND is only welcomed:

We only provide a safe and kind atmosphere at TOB. When you enter our doors, leave the attitude outside. Be kind to our staff and other patrons, or you will be asked to leave.


Pet specific items:

We kindly ask if you come in to wash anything pet specific or have clothing with a heavy amount of pet hair to please be considerate after the wash and do a sweep inside the washer and on the interior glass of any pet hair. We have sanitary wipes, paper towels and Purell to assist on the coffee cart. 


San Francisco-traditional street parking

Pacifica- FREE plaza parking

Downtown Walnut Creek- Metered and enforced, private parking lot, with designated spots just for TOB.


Bikes, Scooters, Electric Bikes:

We DO NOT have any bike racks at any locations. Bikes, scooters, electric bikes are not allowed inside the laundromat

Sizes of washers and dryers:

Washers: We have every size- from a double loader to 10 loads!

Dryers: We have standard sizes and larger

Please visit our tab "Equipment" to see what our fleet offers at each location

Instructions on how to operate machines:

DO not stress! Although TOB offers the finest machinery and our stores are modern, our machinery is quite simple to operate. For your ease, there are signs made on each washer and dryers as well as signs hanging on the walls. We highly encourage you to read the signs step-by-step to ensure the best experience.

You can always call/text the owner, Deanna and she is happy to help.


Please call for pricing as each location is different

Payment Options: 

Russian Hill, SF-Pay Range App or Quarters

Cole Valley, SF-Credit Cards, Apple/Android Pay or Quarters

Pacifica-Credit Card, Apple/Android Pay, Tap or Quarters

Downtown Walnut Creek-Credit Cards, Apple Pay/Android Pay, Tap or Quarters


We offer high-efficiency machines which means LESS IS MORE! Save your soap! only 1/4 cup on double loaders and ONE serving for the rest, YEP, even those big washers!

Liquid detergent is preferred

*Pods are strongly discouraged** and only go INSIDE the washer

**Washer beads are completely prohibited in the washers and dryers**

Need soap?-We offer complimentary Tide soap and dryer balls at SF and Pacifica locations. Soap is offered at Walnut Creek for purchase and dryer balls are complimentary.

Free Wi-Fi

We offer Wi-Fi at all locations (NO WI-FI at SF locations)



Comfortable seating and ample folding space


We do not have restrooms at any of our locations

Horse Blankets/Equipment:

Please contact TOB prior to coming

If you have any problems while at any location please call or text the owner and she will help you the best she can

Tons of Bubbles is not responsible for anyone's personal belongings if they get lost, stolen, damaged or are left overnight. The patron assumes all risk of their personal belongings.

NOTE: At TOB locations you are allowed to remove another persons belonging  from the washers or dryers when it is completed, for any reason. 

 PLEASE be mindful and respectful of your time. Setting a timer is encouraged.

 Items can be removed anytime, after they are done for any reason by a staff member or patron.

Items must be put in a laundry cart in the back of the store. 

Signs are posted at each location and this has been a rule for 20 years across all locations. We thank you for your cooperation. 

Be Kind. Be Patient. Do Laundry.

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