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What you need to know before you go


*updated 8/2021*

Regardless of vaccination status you are required to wear a mask at all times.

Please be respectful and kind to everyone


San Francisco-traditional street parking

Peninsula- plaza parking

Downtown Walnut Creek- Metered Parking Lot -COMING Late Fall 2021!

Sizes of washers and dryers:

Washers: We have every size- from a single load to 10 loads.

Dryers: We have standard sizes and larger

Please visit our tab "Equipment" to see what our fleet offers at each location


Please call for pricing as each location is different


We offer coins at all locations, credit card (Cole location only) or you can pay using your phone with the Pay Range app (preferred method) at the other locations. Download the Pay Range app before you come in! We have changers at all location, except COLE.


We offer high-efficiency machines which means LESS IS MORE! Save your soap! only 1/4 cup on single loaders and 1 serving for the rest. Liquid is preferred. Pods are discouraged.


All locations are un-attended

We offer Free Wi-Fi (Cole location does not offer Wi-Fi ),

comfortable seating and ample folding space


If you have any problems while at any location please call or text the owner and she will help you the best she can

NOTE: At TOB locations you are allowed to remove anything from the washers or dryers when it is completed. You must put it in a laundry basket.  Signs are posted at each location.

Be Kind. Be Patient. Do Laundry.